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Prospective Students

Register for the EMBA exam

Please go to the left side of the school homepage
Administrative Unit > Academic Affairs Office > Registration Team >Admissions Announcements.
Click Master Program Selection> Master classes (including in-service special classes) can download the admissions brochure.

Online announcement guideline: Announcement on Chengda Homepage before 109/9/3>Admission Information>Latest admissions news.
Registration and payment date: 109/09/28 9:00 am ~ 109/10/06 4:00 pm.
Online registration: 109/09/28 9:00 am ~ 109/10/06 5:00 pm.
Self-printing admission ticket: 109/10/12 (open later).
Interview notice: scheduled 109/10 (notified by the relevant relations).
Interview date: Scheduled for the 1st and 2nd week of November 109, the correct date and time are subject to the notification of the department.
Interview announcement: Scheduled to be announced on the school website on 109/11/17.

(1) Personal information, work history.
(2) Organizational chart of the institution in which they are employed.
(3) Personal autobiography (brief summary of important experiences).
(4) Professional special performance and professional certificate or language certificate (please choose the best and give a brief description).
(5) Candidate-specific information sheet.

The EMBA exam is divided into two stages: Written test waived
1. Qualification review (40%)
2. Interview (60%)

It is usually held one month before the admissions test registration. Due to the differences in the schedule of each academic year, please refer to the latest news on the EMBA website whether to hold the admissions briefing session.

(1) Those with the following qualifications can apply for the entrance examination for freshmen of the first-year master's program with the same academic ability:
After obtaining a diploma from a vocational school, it is a three-year student who has left the school for more than two years;
Two-year or five-year students have left school for more than three years;
Those who have obtained the qualification certificate of vocational training (tutoring) school, the graduation certificate of vocational training school, or the certificate of passing the scholastic appraisal examination for self-study training at the graduation level of vocational school, shall be handled as a two-year junior college.
Each school may also add relevant work experience and minimum work experience requirements according to actual needs.
[Note: Only those who graduated from three colleges before September 1998, or those who graduated from second colleges (five colleges, junior colleges and repair schools) before September 1997 can apply. 】
(2) Where a college is restructured into a college, the graduates of the college should apply for the entrance examination for the master's program with the same academic qualifications;
(3) When the admitted graduate students register, they must use the online registration information to make up the official graduation certificate or certificate, otherwise the admission qualification will be cancelled.
(4) For more details, please refer to the admissions brochure for each academic year.

It is recommended to apply again.

(1) Please attach a photocopy of the school experience (strength) certificate (subject to inspection by the overseas unit where the graduate school is located).
(2) The entry and exit records issued by the Entry and Exit Administration Bureau of the Ministry of the Interior (photocopy of the entry and exit records of the passport during the period of studying abroad).
(3) A copy of the original [Attachment Letter] in the Admissions Guide (Appendix 4).
(4) In the registration page, please fill in the English name of the school for foreign education, and indicate the country and region you belong to, for example: Saddleback College (USA, CA).

Proof of employment: such as resignation certificate, employment certificate, income withholding receipt, labor insurance card or insurance seniority information, etc.

Company opening work certificate or insurance period information

Chengdu EMBA is located on the Guangfu Campus of Chengdu University. For detailed transportation information, please refer to the EMBA website>Where Location.
The EMBA Office is located at B1, School of Management, Guangfu Campus. For details, please refer to the EMBA website>Environmental Equipment.

According to Article 10 of the Regulations for Foreign Students to Study in Taiwan:
"Foreign students are not allowed to apply to study bachelor's degree courses, master's in-service professional courses and other classes that are only taught at night and on holidays.
However, this does not apply to foreign students who already have legal residency in Taiwan or whose classes are approved by the Ministry of Education. "
The eligibility for the examination is reviewed by the Registration Team of the Academic Affairs Office of our school, so you can apply to
Contact staff for confirmation: 06-2757575 ext. 50128 Ms. Chen.

The following documents should be prepared for registration with foreign education:
(1) Graduation certificate (or related academic certificate) verified by Chinese embassy abroad.
(2) The entry and exit records issued by the Exit and Entry Administration of the Ministry of the Interior (photocopy of the entry and exit records of the passport during the period of studying abroad).


EMBA related information

1. In line with the trend of internationalization of domestic enterprises, cultivate senior management talents with international outlook and all-round strategic thinking.
2. Cooperate with the internationalization of the country's economic and trade activities and the establishment of the domestic Asia-Pacific operation center, cultivate talents who can expand overseas markets, establish a marketing network, and promote international trade and international cooperation.
3. In line with the internationalization of the domestic financial market and the establishment of the Asia-Pacific financial center, cultivate senior research and management talents in the international financial market and international financial management, so as to smoothly plan and promote the dispatch and utilization of international financial resources, and promote the development of the domestic economy with a global perspective Senior management talents in international finance and international financial management.
4. To cooperate with the establishment of the New City Science Park, cultivate talents with skills in technology management, technology transfer, strategic alliance and patent licensing management.
5. To cooperate with the domestic industrial transformation, cultivate high-level talents in operation management, enterprise reengineering, quality management and process management.
6. Cooperate with the development of domestic transportation construction and cultivate high-level talents in transportation management.

EMBA tuition is paid in two stages, divided into tuition fees and credit fees.

The class location is mainly in the main campus of Tainan Cheng University, and the class time is mainly arranged from 18:30-21:30 in the evening during the week and 9:00-17:00 in the daytime on the weekends of the next week. Time Class time refers to the start time of the current semester

Except for the credits taken in the Advanced Management Master's credit class of our school, the credits can be deducted up to 18 credits; the credits taken in the credit classes of the school and the credits taken in other schools are not recognized as credits.

EMBA study period is 2~5 years, and the maximum suspension period is 2 years (the two are calculated separately).
The relevant instructions for EMBA credits are as follows:
Required Courses: 27 credits
Elective courses: 18 credits
Those who have not taken the three courses of management economics, management accounting and statistical methods in the university department or the second, third or fifth year of the fourth and fifth year must take this course to graduate.
Credits and course credits: Those who have taken credits at the same level as those of the graduate school (limited to credits taken within the four years prior to admission) and who have a score of 70 or more can apply for credit credits.
In addition to the credits taken in the Advanced Management Master's credit class of our school, up to 12 credits can be obtained; the credits taken in the credit classes of our school and the credits taken in other schools No credit will be granted.
In addition to the thematic discussion and thesis, graduate students in the master class need to complete 45 credits in this special class. Deferred students should take an elective topic discussion every semester.


Enroll in EMBA credit classes

EMBA is a formal master's class, and can obtain a master's degree certificate upon graduation; credit classes only take credits and cannot obtain a formal degree certificate.

For details, please refer to the EMBA website>credit classes>Class Overview.

For details, please refer to the EMBA website>credit classes>Registration Process.

EMBA credit class registration is made in February and August every year. The actual registration time is based on the latest admissions brochure for the credit class.

EMBA credit class registration qualifications are as follows:
(1) Graduated from a university or have the equivalent academic ability to apply for a master's degree in a university.
(2) With more than 5 years of work experience (calculated until August 31, 2011).
The preparation materials for applying for the EMBA credit class include:
Personal data, autobiography, education, work experience, special performance, etc.
For the relevant admissions brochure and application form, please visit the EMBA website>credit classes>Registration process download.


Additional information

Please call the EMBA Office at 06-275-1234.